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Charminar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Dhulikatta in Andhra Pradesh

Dhulikatta is located in on the proper bank of Hussainimiya Vagu in Peddapalli Taluk of Karimnagar District, Andhra Pradesh. A major Buddhist web site with Buddhist stupas with the Satavahana period of time, Dhulikatta is among the thirty walled metropolitan areas that located point out in Megasthanes' journey account, the Indica. A Buddhist stupa on a mound as well as the Vihara dating as old as 2nd century BC continues to be unearthed here. The stupa have already been located with ayaka platforms, embellished drum with sculptured veneer slabs and limestone slabs. The three day Satavahana festival in the month of January each and every calendar year attracts travelers and mass gatherings from much off locations.

Associated with the constructions, one other relics that were excavated in Dhulikatta were gateways constructed of light bricks, Chatra, Buddhapada, Charmachakra Stupa, Mahastupas, residential houses, wells, bangle pieces, ivory combs, gold objects, punch-marked coins, beads, Roman and Satavahana coins and seals. Research states that forty-seven slabs were utilised to enhance the dome with the Stupa here.

Storage jars, jars, water vessels, bowls, lid cum bowls, deep bowls, dishes, globular vessels, lotas, as well as the like happen to be discovered in abundance. They're normally dark-red ware, black and red ware, red ware, black polished ware, tan ware and pale red ware.

The Dhulikatta site has excavated a superbly carved ivory seal within the shape of cup on a pedestal. It has a Brahmi inscription datable to 2nd Century Advert, which reads "Ajani Siriya Recreation Kumariya". One more essential artifact of premier importance excavated in Dhulikatta may be the mom and youngster (Ankadhatri) casted in bronze and copper. The mother is observed keeping a youngster in her left hand even though the proper hand rests on her knee. She is found seated on a pedestal with legs dangling.

How to Reach
By Road : Dhulikatta is about 9 Kms from Peddabankur and 30 Kms from Karimnagar may be arrived at by buses. Private transport is also offered from Hyderabad and Karimnagar.
By Rail : Dhulikatta is 20 kms from Peddapalli Railway station.
By Air : Nearest Airport is Hyderabad Airport