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Charminar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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Cities in Andhra Pradesh

What attracts travellers the most to the state of Andhra Pradesh are its cities. The moment one starts contemplating a tour in the state, cities like Hyerabad (state capital), Vishakhapatnam and Tirupati immediately come to mind. Whether you talk of culture, architectural attractions or items of art and craft, cities of Andhra Pradesh provides immense opportunities of exploration. Apart from the fact that Hyderabad is an IT hub of India, it also stands testimony to glorious past. Age-old customs and traditions still continue in the state. The most interesting aspect of Hyderabad is the harmonious co-existence of the Hindu and Muslim culture. Hyderabadi cuisine and shopping are two of the most attracting features of the city. The city of Tirupati, one of the most sacred pilgrimage destinations in southern India, is located here in Andhra Pradesh. In terms of business and trade, the city of Vijaywada occupes an eminent place in the state of Andhra Pradesh. So, whether you wish to experience the culture, the historical glory or the spiritual panorama, the state wlecome all. Just be determined, get out and explore!

Most Visited Cities in Andhra Pradesh