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Charminar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Chandragiri Fort Andhra Pradesh

The royal city of Hyderabad is known for its Nawabs, royal families, majestic forts and beautiful palaces. There are several forts, palaces and historical monuments in Hyderabad which tells their history and stories by themselves. In all of these forts, there is a well known and famous fort here in Hyderabad which is known by the name of Chandragiri Fort. This age old fort still shows the shimmering earlier period. Chandragiri fort was built in 1000 AD by Immadi Narasimha Yadavaraya and after some years this fort was renovated by the Vijayanagar kings.

Chandragiri fort is located on a hill top at the height of 184 m. Chandragiri fort is known for its securities. This fort was protected through an enclosed wall and a ditch which were used to act as a barrier for the attackers. There are two beautiful mahals on the ground floor of the fort and both of these mahals are known for their rich stone carvings and architecture. From the top of the fort, you can easily watch the whole town of Chanderi which lies to the eastern part of the hill.

Raja Mahal Palace, Chandragiri

The Raja Mahal or Raja Palace is the most important part of this Chandragiri Fort. Now this place has been converted into a beautiful archeological museum. This palace is three storeyed. This palace is also the fine example and specimen of Indo-Saracen architecture of Vijayanagar period. The crowning towers of this palace represent the Hindu architecture. This beautiful Raja Mahal Palace is constructed using stones, bricks, lime mortars and devoid of timbers.

History of Chandragiri Fort
Chandragiri fort is a majestic fort built in 11th century in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Chandragiri was under the rule of Yadavrayas for about three centuries. After them it came under the rule and control of Vijayanagar rulers in 1367. This place came into prominence during the rule of Saluva Narasimha Rayalu. Because of his bravery, he got the title of Mahamandaleswara. During his rule this place was known for his vision, wisdom and rectitude. Chandragiri was the 4th capital of Vijayanagar Empire. After Golconda sultans attacked Penukonda, Rayas shifted their capital here. The fort encircles eight ruined temples of saivite and vaishnavite pantheons, Raja Mahal, Rani Mahal and other ruined structures.

How to Reach Chandragiri Fort
Chanderi town is well connected from Tirupati and other nearby states. There are Tirupati railway station and Tirupati airport in Tirupati which are well connected with other famous cities and states of South India. Chanderi town is only 12 km from Tirupati.

As this place is visited by thousands of local as well as foreign tourists every year, there are several famous and beautiful hotels and resorts in Chanderi. So accommodation is not a big issue here in this town. Every category of hotels is available here ranging from budget class to luxury class.