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Charminar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Asman Garh Palace Andhra Pradesh

Asman Garh Palace in Hyderabad is one of the prime attractions of the city of Nawabs. This beautiful city of Andhra Pradesh is known for its famous Nawabs and their palaces which present the Indian culture and tradition. There are several famous and beautiful palaces in Hyderabad in which Asman Garh Palace is one. This palace is visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year and counted in one of the famous tourist attractions of Hyderabad. Several dynasties had left their mark in India and these various historical monuments are their gift to us.

About Asman Garh Palace
Asman Garh Palace was designed and built in 1000 AD. This beautiful palace is built on a hill top. This palace is built with granite and arches windows of this palace provide a beautiful view of the city. The name of this palace is Asman Garh because in Hindi language meaning of Asman is sky and Garh means Home. This palace is situated at the top of a hill looks like touching the sky. Asman Garh Palace is located on the road from Malakpet and Dilsukhnagar. There is a museum in the palace which displays archaeological relics. The architecture of the palace is based on Gothic architecture and palace is built in the shape of a European medieval castle. Now this palace is converted into a school known as St Joseph's Public School.

The best time to visit this palace is between October to March and to reach here there are several local buses and autos which are supposed the best local transport. There are several hotels and lodges near to this palace for staying. There are several local stalls and the recognized shops which are perfect for buying handicrafts and other products. You can also buy some other famous fabrics and saris from here.