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Charminar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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Architecture of Andhra Pradesh

Architecture in Andhra Pradesh ranges from prehistoric cairns to Buddhist Setups; Hindu and Jain temples of excellent importance to imposing churches, secular monuments including the Charming of Hyderabad to many of the most lovely mosques and Islamic tombs of India. Cities of Andhra Pradesh have fascinating examples of European architecture as well as domestic vernacular architecture.

Prehistoric Architecture
Inside the later on half of third millennium B.C., individuals in the central and lower Deccan (which constitute most of modern day Andhra Pradesh) lived on or about granite hills. They'd round or rectangular homes, 2.four to six meters broad. Walls were typically created of the mixture of sticks, earth and clay; erected around 7.5 cm thick wood posts and a bamboo display. The roof was both conical or flat, created of bamboo strips and reeds and coated with dry leaves and clay. Of pre historic architecture only stone burials endure in various parts of the state.

Historic Andhra men and women were mentioned inside the text of Aitreya Brahmana as early as in the 8th century BC. Soon after Emperor Asoka, Simuka founded the independent Satavahana dynasty.

European Architecture
Developed by Lt. Samuel Russel, the British Residency of Hyderabad was constructed in 1806 and is one of the greatest examples of European architecture in India. Presently utilized as a Federal government school, it includes a Georgian facade plus a vast campus comprising of many ancillary properties of considerable architectural and historical significance.

Some Asaf Jahi palaces from the early period, such as the Chow Mahalla were built in European fashion. The city also has several beautiful churches constructed for the duration of the nineteenth century.

European Architecture in other locations of Andhra Pradesh
Bimlipatnam (Bheemunipatanam), 24 Km north of Visakhapatnam on the eastern coast was a Dutch Settlement create inside the seventeenth century. This little city has ruins of Dutch palaces, an ancient cemetery and an aged church along with a town hall.

Modern Architecture
As opposed to Chandigarh, Delhi and Ahmedabad, Andhra Pradesh does not have several specimens of modern day architecture constructed by internationally identified architects. Even so in Hyderabad, B.V.Doshi of Ahmedabad developed a residential colony for the ECIL, Mr Charles Correa developed the IDBI complicated at Gacchibouli and Satish Gujral designed the CMC campus and structures at Gacchibouli that are amongst the notable contemporary buildings of Hyderabad.Elsewhere in Andhra Pradesh some excellent contemporary properties may be observed in Visakhapatnam.