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The Great Andamanese in Andaman Nicobar

They're when the greatest in population among the different tribes inhabiting the Andaman Islands. Their estimated population in 1789 was 10 thousands. By 1901, their quantity had decreased to 625 and by 1969 their quantity had diminished to 19 only. Based on the Census of 1971, only 24 of them survived, but by 1999. their number has improved to 41. The Administration is doing its greatest to safeguard and protect these tribes. These tribals happen to be rehabilitated in a modest island named Strait Island. The Great Andamanese are foragers. Now a days, they consume rice, dal chapati along with other modern meals articles. They can cook meals with the ingredients of spices. At occasions, they nonetheless go in for hunting and gathering. Truly, their classic meals items are fish, dugong, turtle, turtle eggs, crabs, roots and tubers. Additionally they eat pork, Andaman water keep track of lizard, etc. As aquatic men and women, they relish octopus, molluses taken out from shell marine animals like turban shell, scorpion shell, sundial, helmet, trochus and screw shell apart from different varieties of crabs and fish. A few of them cultivate veggies. Of late, they've established poultry farms. They are exposed to highly communicable illnesses apart from unhealthy drinking habits which naturally are acquired following get in touch with using the monbund urban dominant and sophisticated communities.