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Kerala Backwater

Shompens Tribe in Andaman Nicobar

The habitation of Shompens will be the Great Nicobar which will be the greatest amongst the Nicobar group of Islands. Like the Nicobarese, they belong towards the Mongoloid race. The Shompens have two divisions, the smaller sized division being known as Mawa Shompens. They inhabit places very shut to the coastal region along the river valleys. They're quite shy. They're really intimate using the Nicobarese and with the main group of Shompens, the hostile Shompens are dwelling in Alexendra and Galathia river places and also on the east coast with the location in the interior in the Island. In the previous, frequent attacks are believed to have been produced on the Mawa Shompens by the hostile Shompens. But now, this kind of hostility has been stopped. It really is almost certainly simply because they have been largely reduced in number on account of numerous illnesses. The Mawa Shompens will be the victims of illnesses and physically extremely weak. Using the establishment from the settlement at Campbell Bay in Great Nicobar, Shompens have already been visiting the settlers and they are progressively shaking off their shyness and indifferent attitude in direction of the civilised men and women.