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Kerala Backwater

Onge Tribe in Andaman Nicobar

Onges are among the most primitive tribes in India. They belong towards the Negrito racial stock and they've been relegated towards the reserved pockets each at Dugong Creek and South Bay of Small Andaman Island. They are also diminishing in number. They live in a remote corner of the nation in a modest pocket. They are the semi-nomadic tribes and fully dependent around the meals provided by nature. They've now skilled the impact of outsiders. In the same time attempts at befriending them have proved to be productive. They have been supplied with pucca hut sort homes, food, apparel, medicines, and so on through the Administration. They eat turtle, fish, roots and jack frutis and etc. They have produced artistry and craft. The Onges could make canoes. A main school continues to be performing in the Dugong Creek settlement of Onges. This tribe has become laid back and dependent within their methods. Also their fee of reproduction has turn out to be extremely lower.