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Baratang Island, Andaman Nicobar

Baratang Island is among the greatest islands lying between South Andaman and Center Andaman. It really is about 100 km from Port Blair in Andaman District.

This is one of the principal islands with the Excellent Andaman group. Baratang Island is situated 100 Km from Port Blair on India's Last Nationwide Highway No. 223 (referred to as Andaman Trunk Street) which prospects in direction of Diglipur. The complete length from the Island is around 22 Kms and encapsulated by creeks and sea. The island is densely populated by a flora of tropical forests ranging from tidal swamp, evergreen to littoral forests with beautiful sandy beaches which link at coasts. It's two very gorgeous shorelines, particularly Baludera and Roglachang Seaside. For unique groups activities (such as jungle trekking, creek safaris, island camping, seaside tours, bird viewing excursions, scuba diving and snorkeling journeys), may be arranged from Baratang immediately.

Limestone caves : The lime stone caves, full of splendid stalagmites, stalactites and pillar rocks, stay 1 with the favorite tourist locations. The trek to attain the caves is adventurous. The limestone caves stay largely unexplored and it is a special encounter. These ancient caves are situated about 50 minutes (by sea) absent from Baratang Jetty. The boat journey by way of the heart of dense mangrove forest is merely amazing. The boat journey right here is really a life span expertise for some. Its one thing you will get to find out only in channels like NatGeo or Discovery or else.

Mud Volcano : A mud volcano is created by organic gases emitted by decaying organic subject underground. Because the mud is pushed upwards through the gas, it deposits and hardens above floor. As more mud oozes out and spills more than the edge it grows in measurement, gradually forming what you are able to see today - a miniature volcano with a wealthy, creamy mud crater in the best.At Baratang it is possible to see Mud Volcano which is about four km away in the jetty. Baratang has uncommon view of mud volcano in India.

Boating By way of Creeks Boating by means of creeks bypassing the dense green mangroove is splendid encounter. The scene would be extremely photogenic and charming.